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Welcome to C&K Printing - Rochester New Hampshire!
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In December of 1983, Charlie and Kay Pieroni purchased a quick and commercial printing operation known as Copyrite and Print. Located at 29 Hanson Street in Rochester, NH, they renamed the business C&K Printing. The shop, which was originally opened in 1978, was equipped with a copier and a single color printing press. It served the Rochester business area, fulfilling a need for quality service and quick turnaround.

By 1991, C&K Printing had expanded into every available space on two floors at the Hanson Street location. The company's growth was limited by lack of space, power availability, the difficulty of working between two floors, and a lack of easy access for customers, vendors, and employees. A search for suitable, convenient space led C & K to acquire the land and building at 55 Summer Street, near the Rochester Post Office. This building was completely gutted and remodeled to provide clean efficient conditions for both our customer service and production needs. On April 3rd, 1992, all equipment and operations were moved into our new location without any downtime in production. This facility provides us both a spacious layout and customer parking area to allow for continued growth.

Steady growth in the business has evolved C&K Printing into a fast paced, digital oriented, complete graphic services operation with an emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. That's why we are proud to say “We Give You A Good Image.”


Last year, C&K Printing on Summer Street in Rochester printed a limited quantity of my booklet, Some Observations on the Birds of Barrington. A week ago, I noticed that only one copy remained, and I called C&K to ask that another batch be printed, further requesting to have them in time for the annual “Soiree” at Calef’s Country Store on the evening of Dec. 7th.

I phoned that morning to see if the books, which were being printed in Concord, had come in. They hadn’t. I called again in the afternoon, fully expecting to be disappointed. Instead, I was told that someone was en route to Concord and that he would return by 4:30 p.m., closing time. I drove to Rochester and, sure enough, at 4:28 the gentleman arrived with the books, just in time for the Soiree.

My hat goes off to C&K Printing. How many companies in this day and age would send one of their employees on a nearly 100-mile round trip to retrieve a few dozen thin books for an aging, wannabe writer? Isn’t it great to live in a community where such magnanimity exists?

You can guess which company will be asked to fulfill all of my printing needs in the future.

— Tom Chase
Barrington, NH


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